What is alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is a service offered to small, medium and large businesses whereby a security company takes on the complete monitoring of alarm systems. This not only frees up time for the business owner, but it also provides them with that extra peace of mind.

So what happens if the alarm sounds?

Well, in short, the monitoring centre will give you a call to make sure that everything is okay, then if there is no answer, the security company will do a patrol and visit the building to check up on the situation, contacting the police if necessary. This service is extremely valuable to businesses who have many expensive items stored at the workplace overnight and by having this super quick response, it means an officer can be dispatched to your businesses within minutes and of course this service is available 24 hours a day.

Usually, the service provider will also provide the alarm system as it will be wired to communicate directly with them. It also means they can do maintenance checks regularly, so you always know your alarms are working as they should be at all times. In the event that there is an issue with the security alarm, a repairman will be called out to fix it straight away and this service is all about making sure your businesses is tight, secure and well protected at all times.

Of course, depending on the size of your property, you may have more than 1 or 2 alarms, and some commercial properties may be fitted with more than 100! That just goes to show how important it is to have these working as they should with people waiting at the ready in the event of an emergency. So there you are, never underestimate the importance of 24-hour alarm monitoring services.

The Ulo Security Camera

The Ulo security camera is cute on the eye but don’t let it fool you. It’s a cutting edge security camera that is made to look like a regular household ornament. It is designed to be the shape of an owl but there’s a lot more beneath the surface. The camera can cleverly detect movement in the user’s home and can then send it to them via email in the form of an animated GIF, and come on who doesn’t like an animated GIF?

Amazingly, this cute device features two animated LCD “eyes” that serve to convey emotion. So as an example, when the battery starts to get pretty low, Ulo’s eyes will start to look a little sleepy. This is a security gadget that is designed to be your friend and that may win some homeowners over but what about the security technology underneath? Surely there’s more to it then movement detection? Well, not exactly, but it’s not the quality of the camera or the sensitivity of the sensor that make this a brilliant example of a home security camera. It’s the speed in which is processes the information and sends out a file to your mobile device. In just seconds you’ll know when someone is in your house or near the front door, depending on where you place the camera, so its main advantage is definitely its speed, which isn’t usually the case for an owl.

It’s not necessarily a device that’s going to stop someone walking in your home and taking your TV, but it is clever, cute and very easy to use, so if you only need very basic home security then this is a great gadget for you. It’s currently on Kickstarter and €1,618,869 has been pledged of its initial €199,000 goal, so it’s got the thumbs up and we can’t wait to see how it performs in the home security market.

Here’s a video to give you a better idea on how it operates:


More Businesses Going Mobile

Many businesses are now going mobile when it comes to CCTV streaming and for good reason too. By being able to stream footage on a mobile device, it gives business owners the freedom to keep an eye on their products, their staff and their visitors even when they’re out of the office. It’s not wrong for a business owner to want to control and overlook all aspects of their business and you can’t blame them for wanting to watch their premises whenever they’d like. Being away for a business conference doesn’t need to be an issue anymore, you can watch CCTV footage wherever you are in the world, and this type of security isn’t just great for homes, it great for businesses to. Make sure you consider streaming your workplace when you’re out of the office using CCTV cameras with a smartphone connection. You won’t regret it.

Getting a Professional to Conduct Burglary Repairs in London

Most burglary incidents usually results to damages. These include damages on properties and different sections of the homes affected. The damages require being repaired within the shortest time possible. For example, if the affected part of the house is the door it needs to be repaired so as to restore security. There are professionals who do burglary repairs London where they help home owners repair the damages caused by the burglary incidents. Amongst these professionals there are some who are rated higher than others. This means that the highly rated provide more professional services than the others. As a result, when in need of such a professional in London it is always important to look for certain qualities so as to choose the most ideal one.

One of the most important qualities that one should check is how competent the professional is. Being competent include being able to provide emergency repair services. The importance of this is that if the affected sections of the house are sensitive such as the door they need to be repaired quickly. The right providers of these services should have an around the clock contact centre where residents can easily call when they need emergency services. It is also paramount for the professionals to have reliable modes of transport so that they can respond quickly. Furthermore, they should have enough man power so that the technicians can be dispatched to different places at the same time so as not to keep some clients waiting.

Another important quality that one should check is whether the provider of these services is properly trained. The top professionals who provide these repair services in London are licensed. The licenses confirm that the professionals are properly trained and therefore they have the right skills. This is also very important because the licensed providers of these repair services have the ability to do the repairs properly.

It is also paramount to check whether the provider of burglary repairs London uses the right tools. The importance of using the right tools is that there are modern and technologically oriented tools which are more efficient than the ones used traditionally. These modern tools are more accurate and help the professionals finish their work faster.

The additional services that the professionals provide should also determine the professional to be hired. Some of the important additional services include advising people on how to maintain the repaired things so that they can last longer. The professionals should also be in a position to do follow ups to ensure the things they repaired remain in good condition. Furthermore, they should be charging reasonable fees.

Besides knowing the qualities to check when looking for the right professional in London to do repairs after burglary, it is also important to know how to get such a professional. One of the most effective ways is searching on the internet where the professionals advertise their services. One can also check on the classified sections of the local dailies and also on the yellow pages. It is also possible to get the right professionals through getting recommendations from people who had hired a certain competent professional. It is helpful to get a number of recommendations and then compare them so as to choose the most suitable one. Therefore, by just checking the outlined qualities and looking in the right ways it possible to get a competent professional to do burglary repairs London.

The Zmodo HD Mini Wi-Fi Camera

We’ve been so impressed with the quality of the Zmodo HD camera that we wanted to write a product review of it. The Zmodo is a compact and sophisticated HD camera and home monitoring solution. It’s designed to be placed almost anywhere and it’s small enough to hide nicely out of a burglars view. With the Zmodo there are no cables whatsoever so nothing gives it away, whilst you can keep an eye on your house when you’re at work or on holiday. The camera delivers a live HD stream straight to your mobile device, using the Zmodo application that you can download from your mobile’s app store. What’s the more, the motion sensor alerts right to your phone for ultimate peace of mind. The Zmodo is one of the smallest yet sophisticated home security cameras, and it will certainly add extra protection to your home.