Large Company or Sole Trader Security Engineer?

When looking to have any form of security installed in your home or business, the main debate is whether to go big or small. While both options offer you the security services you are after, there are a few main difference between them both. Today, we are going to discuss how large companies and sole traders in the security industry differ. Helping you to decide what type of company to go for.

If you are unaware, a large company is one with multiple employees, one that is well known and seen around. A sole trader is someone who operates their business by themselves, possibly self-employed, with the option to grow into a larger business.

The first main difference you will notice is, of course, the number of employees. When working with a large company you may find you need to speak to a large selection of people. This can mean your needs get misspoken and misunderstood. Whereas, with a sole trader you are only working with a single person. You will always be in contact with the person who is conducting the work for you. Meaning there will be no miscommunication between employees.

Another major difference you will find is the price point. This can work either way, but on average larger companies generally charge more due to their experience and customer background. Sole traders will want to build up their reputation, meaning they may charge you less money for the work to gain experience and trust.

Finally, the aftercare. Larger companies can offer you services that sole traders may struggle with. This being the aftercare for if problems arise, and visiting your home is the alarm sounds. This is again due to the number of employees they have, making it possible for them to have people on call all day long.