Can Smart Lightbulbs Protect Your Home?

It is possible for smart lightbulbs to help to protect your home. This of course should not be the only security measure you have in place. But it can help to deter thieves away from your home.

The way smart lightbulbs work, is that you can control them by your phone. These allow you to set timers on your lights which contain smart lightbulbs. Meaning you can control when they turn on and off. This is extremely handy when you are heading away from home as you can mimic someone being home. For example, turning the bedroom lights on in the evening as you would when you are home. This will help people to believe that people are still home.

This is one way which you can protect your home. However, it should not be the only way. You should still pair this with other methods. Such as checking all doors are locked or installing a security alarm.