Homes and Businesses – Is CCTV Always Necessary?

When owning a home or a business, you always want to keep it protected. With high amounts of stock and personal belongings being stored inside these buildings, keeping them safe is key. The first thought when keeping these buildings safe is CCTV, but the question is… is this always necessary?

The answer is NO! CCTV is not always necessary for every business and home. With regards to businesses, if you are a larger business with a lot of income and products inside, CCTV would be beneficial to you. But homeowners, you do not need to head out and purchase CCTV for your home to keep it safe. There are many other ways you can do this.

Businesses, CCTV will offer you a lot of protection. For you, you should class this as necessary if you have a large amount of stock in your store. This is handy if anything was to occur inside or outside your building. Giving you ample protection if any legal pursuits were to come your way.

Homeowners, CCTV is not necessary to keep your home protected. There are many cheaper and more efficient methods of doing this. CCTV is an expensive purchase, so is not necessary for you. Simply remembering to lock your doors and windows before heading out helps to keep your home safe. Even installing a Ring doorbell can work as a cheaper alternative form of CCTV for your home. We would only ask you to highly consider CCTV if you were living in a high crime area or if your home had been targeted before.

What we hope you’ve learned from this article… CCTV is never necessary. It is a good way to allow your business or home to have extra protection. But there are many cheaper alternatives that you can use if your budget does not allow for CCTV.