Why it’s so important factories are prepared for fires

Fires happen. It’s so very easy for a business to believe that a fire ‘will not happen to them’ but without the right training and equipment, fires can and will happen, and they can tear through your entire factory in minutes, leaving you with the world’s biggest headache.

Too many factories in the UK fall victim to fires, and it can all come down to not owning basic equipment, which can make a huge difference, such as fire shutters. These are designed to prevent the fire from spreading, and they’re incredibly effective. It does of course depend on the model that you choose, but generally, they are constructed of steel, whilst they can be opened or closed by a key switch, or remote control. The main advantage with fire shutters is that they can be closed automatically during a test or emergency situation. With shutters installed in your factory, it will not only be safer, but much more secure too, and we’d recommend you invest in these whether you have a small, medium or large factory.

The Fire and Rescue Services in England are regularly called out to emergencies in factories, and it’s so scary to think how many casualties can occur if you do not have the correct equipment in place. Yes these teams can of course respond very quickly to fires, but as we saw very recently with the Grenfell Tower, fire does spread fast and the Fire Services are not always going to be able to save each and every life when something major does go wrong. We don’t want to scare you into investing in expensive equipment that you do not need, but if you want to keep your employees safe and protect the future of your business, then you have to be prepared for such instances.

It’s no secret that too many companies refuse to conduct regular fire alarm tests, and some businesses don’t even test their fire alarms once a year. That’s a complete disregard for their employees safety in our eyes, and you should be holding regular fire tests throughout the year, but we advise you do at east one a month so that workers know exactly where they need to go if such a terrible event ever did unfold.

We’d like to finish on a positive note though, and there are plenty of factories in the UK which never have problems with fires, but it’s still important to make sure you have the equipment in place so you’re fully prepared and covered if such a disaster was to happen now or in the future.

Make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your employees safe, whilst protecting your equipment and your commercial property too. One minor human mistake can lead to a fire, and you not only need to have the equipment in place to deal with it, but also the personnel, however, this can only be the case if you’re providing regular training for all employees working at the factory.

What’s the Go Pro Hero Session?

The Go Pro Hero Session is relatively new to the Hero lineup, but it’s almost half the price of a Go Pro. So what’s the catch, is it a budget Go Pro or something completely different?

Well, the Hero Session was introduced to deliver the power of a GoPro in a convenient, grab-and-go, everyday camera. It really is perfect for the first time GoPro user, or as a second camera as it’s by far the simplest and smallest video and still camera on the market to use. With a single-button control, stunning 1080p60 video, 8MP photos and rugged, waterproof design, the HERO Session the perfect small, simple camera to take on any adventure. There are, however, a few downsides. The battery time, the low light performance, the range of mounts and the fact that it’s very easy to lose!

Siri To Transcribe Voicemail Messages?

According to rumours circulating online, Apple’s Siri software will be able to transcribe voicemails in the upcoming iOS10 update.

Similar to Apple’s Visual Voicemail feature, the service will be called iCloud Voicemail and will use a virtual assistant to take calls, record and then convert them to text.

These features are currently being tested by Apple employees before the big receal, so we look forward to seeing if this idea does come to fruition. We predict that it will, seeing as the phone can alsready transcribe voice commands.

Do bear in mind that iOS9 will be released in September, so this voicemail feature is probably still 12 months away before debuting.

First Dual-Battery Android Phone Releasing Soon

Yes you’ve read right, there is a smartphone with two batteries releasing soon. Made by Chinese manufacturer Gionee, the smartphone will be the first Android Lollipop smartphone with two batteries.

According to the initial information, the phone will be capable of staying for up to four days, with each power cell having a capacity of 3,000mAh.

You must be wondering how the phone is holding two batteries inside, but the device known as the Gionee M5 is pretty bulky. Weighing double the amount of the iPhone 6 Plus at 213g and measuring up at 152 x 176 x 8.6mm, it is pretty large.

No cost, location of release, nor date has been confirmed as of yet.

Apple To Make New iPhone From Apple Watch Alloy

According to a Taiwanese news outlet, the soon to be released Apple iPhone 6S will be made from the exact aluminium alloy used by the ‘Sport’ version of the Apple Watch.

The sport edition of the watch was sold as a watch which has a special alloy, containing magnesium and zinc. This makes it light as other metals used in smart devices but “60% stronger”.

The plan is to apparently make the next Apple handset extra durable, so it would make sense as to why Apple are looking to use the aluminium alloy material. The Force Touch, part of the Apple Watch is also rumoured to be be featured on the new handset. No other information has been leaked yet, but with a release usually scheduled for September of each year, get ready for rumours galore from now till release day.