New Home- Change Your Locks

You have just moved into your new home. It is a good idea for one of the first things you do is to change your locks!

Changing your locks is important when you first move house for many reasons.
One of the main reasons is you don’t know who has a key for the current locks. Anyone could own a key and have easy access to your new home. Changing the locks will prevent easy access burglary.
Also, not changing your locks can invalidate your insurance. You do not know how many keys are in circulation. If you have not taken the time to change your locks and someone breaks in with no forced entry you may not be covered.

It is highly advised that you change your locks to your new home as soon as possible. You have paid good money for your new home, don’t let burglars have the easy way in.

How motion sensor lights can help protect your home

There are many ways to help protect your home, from CCTV, alarms, fencing and gates, to a door locking systems. But why do motion sensor lights also help provide security to your home.

Motion sensor lighting works by sponsoring any movement, if they do sensor movement they simply light up. Burglars like to work in the dark and the last thing they want is a spotlight shining down on them. So a motion sensor light is a great way to deter intruders and providing light directly onto your home.

The sensor light is simply fitted onto an external wall to your home by an electrition. Providing a type of security to your home. Motion sensor lighting is best used in conjunction with other security measures to provide the best protection for your home.

So overall, motion sensor lighting is a great investment to help protect your home and also provide some lighting externally too.

Cheap security systems for your home

Smart Cameras

Technology has turned out to be so advanced, to the point that there is presently another generation of smart camcorders that can be installed in your home and allow you to watch out for your property at whatever point and wherever you are. You can easily access them by means of Wi-Fi and a phone application installed on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Double locks

Locks can be easily picked by smart burglars. For included security, it is wise to include a couple of manual locks indoors. These conventional sorts of locks are exceptionally durable and must be operated manually and from the inside.

Home automation and security systems

Home automation goes past a camera, yet can be a little bit harder on the financial plan. These security systems offer gadgets and several different features that will keep you and your family shelter. Keyless entry systems that lone allow you to access your home by means of a key code is a case of this sort of security framework for your home.

The lowdown on motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights are brilliant budget solutions for improving home security. You can splash out the cash on CCTV cameras and alarms, and we recommend you do, but by also having motion sensor lighting, you can let intruders or burglars know their movements are being watched! With motion lighting in your garden and in your house, you can deter burglars. Most burglars like to operate in the dark and by ensuring any movements light up the scene, you’re able to make the intruder feel exposed, whilst CCTV cameras can be recording their movement in HD too. With a combination of alarms, CCTV and motion sensor lighting you will be well on your way to securing your premises, whilst we also recommend that you choose secure doors and windows too, just in case the deterrents aren’t quite enough! Make sure you consider motion sensor lights if you’re looking to add security to your home.

Types of wooden gates for your home’s driveway

With so many different types of wooden residential gates to choose from nowadays, it’s rather difficult to make a decision!

In most cases, you only need one set of gates for a driveway, and once you’ve made the choice, you will likely have those driveway gates in operation for the next decade. This is why it’s a decision that should not be rushed, but to give you some help making a selection, we’ve added some of the most important considerations below. (more…)