Keeping your personal possessions safe whilst on holiday

Holidays should be a time where you can relax, unwind and take a break from your hectic day to day life. Worrying about your personal belongings while you are away can take away the enjoyment, and become a burden to your travels, that’s why it is important to prepare in advance.

Insurance- Holiday insurance is important if you want to protect your items legally, covering flight delays, lost luggage, lost/stolen passports and any medical costs.

Passport- Passports should be kept safe at all times, handing them into the hotel reception to lock them away or lock them in your hotel rooms personal safe is the best option. Do not carry passports around with you. Make photocopies of your passport before you leave.

Money and bank cards- Bank cards should be kept safe within your hotel safe, and keep any cash to a minimum. Split your cash up in your bag, not keeping it all in one wallet can be helpful.