State-of the Art CCTV Systems and Monitoring

CCTV systems are an increasingly valuable resource for businesses and individuals, and their capabilities have been rapidly advancing. Their capabilities have improved in a number of key areas, such as the quality of image, the reduced cost of storing data, the degree to which they can be automated effectively, and how effectively they can be operated remotely. This article will cover these areas of interest, and explain for your benefit how and why CCTV systems are a worthwhile investment for the safety and security of you and your property.

The first thing to cover is the massive increase in the availability of important ID data. While CCTV systems have been around for multiple decades at this point, it is really only within the last 5-15 years that CCTV systems are able to quickly and reliably lead to the identification of offending parties. This means that CCTV systems are able to lead to the recovery of stolen goods with far greater frequency, and their deterrence value for those thinking about offending against you has also advanced over this period as a result. This has really come about due to a combination of advancements in the ability of software to detect identifying attributes of people, as well as the massive increase in the amount of data the common person places freely on the internet for government security organisations to scour for comparisons.

Another important area in which CCTV systems have advanced is the ease with which massive amounts of data can be stored. This allows cheaper CCTV systems to store data from multiple cameras with a fraction of the cost of what it would have taken prior to this development. It also provides greater latitude for improving the image quality of cameras so that more detail can be picked up. Perhaps the biggest advantage offered by the improved storage strategy for CCTV cameras is the remote, real-time storage of stream data. Through cloud data storage, CCTV system recordings can be stored cheaply and securely in an easily accessible area. This advantage is particularly important in some situations, such as when a fire consumes the premises, damaging any locally stored data. By using off-site storage strategies such as cloud computing, you can rest easy knowing that you will retain access to the data no matter what.

Lastly, another important area in which CCTV systems has developed over the last couple of decades is with remote access to data streams. With the use of internet connections and Bluetooth technology, CCTV systems can be accessed remotely, making remote CCTV monitoring services possible. This can provide real-time coverage of video streams around the clock, or, depending on the automation, can be triggered by various integrated alarm systems, such as motion detectors. This massively reduces the cost in comparison to previous comparable scenarios. Where you would have required full-time security professionals to monitor your video streams in the past, now you can get at least the same quality of security coverage for a fraction of the cost, as remote CCTV monitoring services helps to reduce the overhead burden and spread it around their multiple clientele. 

What do security guards do?

It’s an odd question right, but for real, what do they actually do? We often see security guards in shops standing by the entrance, acting as a rather costly deterrent, but they have a whole lot more to bring, so there could be more than meets the eye. Unlike law enforcement officers who respond to crimes before they happen, or while they’re happening, security guards are trained to prevent them. That means they deter criminals from doing what they intend to do, as we just spoke about. And when they stumble across criminal activities, they can’t get involved physically, so there is a good degree of training involved. Believe us. They report individuals to law enforcement agencies. With that in mind, here are the specific responsibilities of security guards:

1. They should be able to be seen, physically

When guarding a particular area, security guards need to make themselves visible to everyone around. Visibility helps to prevent crime. For example, when a criminal intends to commit a crime and sees a security guard standing or walking around, they will reconsider doing it.

2. Security guards should be vigilant all the time

Security guards are trained to be alert and vigilant at all times. They have no time to get comfortable as a crime can happen anytime. They should always have a sharp eye out for unusual behaviour or event that might lead to a crime. Besides having a sharp eye, they should also have a good sense of smell. They should be able to smell a licking gas and report it immediately before things get out of control. Also, they should be able to differentiate between normal sounds and weird sounds. For example, they should know if someone is trying to secretly open a door or when footsteps sound off.

3. They should act quickly to neutralize any threat

Besides reading and detecting potential criminal activities, security guards should also be able to act fast to neutralize them. They are trained to respond based on the kind of threat. If it’s an armed robbery, they should call the authorities immediately. If it’s a case of disturbance, they can handle it themselves. If they can’t, they should call the authorities.

4. Reporting

After neutralizing the threat, they should monitor the spot where the crime was supposed to take place, including the surrounding areas, to mitigate any other problem. They should then make a report regarding the incident and forward it to the security manager. In case a crime occurred, a report about the same will help prevent it from happening again. Let’s say you’re looking for a security company Leicester, you’ll need to ensure you choose an individual who is experienced in reporting and mitigating situations.

5. Other responsibilities

Depending on the institution they work for, security guards can perform other functions, such as receiving guests and visitors, giving them directions, responding to emails, messages and phone calls or running errands.

While security guards are mainly responsible for preventing criminal activities, they should also be hospitable, especially when undertaking other responsibilities like receiving and welcoming visitors and guests, giving them directions and receiving phone calls.

Advantages of commercial steel doors

From retail outlets through to factories and office units, when it reaches the end of each working day the necessary security measures should always be implemented to protect your premises from the threat of crime. One of the most effective methods of securing the entrances to your property is through the use of quality commercial steel doors and one specialist company has a variety of reliable commercial steel doors that are more than adequate for the job.

Suitable to be fitted to door entrances of varying sizes, all steel doors are easy to use whilst guaranteeing the highest level of performance at all times. With the option to have solid, perforated, punched or tube and link curtain steel, you can rest assured that you will be in no way affecting the aesthetic appeal of your commercial outlet when the doors are down.

Unfortunately, crime has become an everyday occurrence in today’s society so it is vital that you protect your assets to remove the risk of becoming a victim. Commercial properties are seen as easier targets for potential criminals due to the fact that many are left vacant once the workforce has left at the end of the working day. By installing commercial steel doors to your property you will have played your part in initially deterring crime and making it considerably more difficult to enter a building should anyone look to commit a crime where you are.

Steel and roller shutter doors can be mounted either internally or externally and offer a simple and straightforward fitting procedure to reduce the amount of time that a property stands with weakened security levels. A more budget option is to look out for Commercial Steel Door Sets as these can give any door a basic foundation of strength; so many factories and warehouses look out for these ‘sets’.

Doors are specifically designed to withstand heavy and constant use in addition to standing up to the various weather conditions likely to be thrown at them if they are fitted to the exterior of a property. With both manual and automatic openings available to you, there is a reliable steel security door suitable for every business owner no matter what budget you have accessible.

This established company has strived to make the commercial steel doors as competitively priced as possible to give every business owner the opportunity to protect buildings in the best available fashion. Security measures should never be taken lightly so for further information on how a knowledgeable team can assist you to feel free to give them a call or fill out the online contact form.

Photographers: How to keep your expensive camera equipment safe and secure at home?

One of the best ways to protect your camera is to use a good and comfortable camera bag. This will protect the camera from physical shock and protect it from direct sunlight, moisture and rain. Furthermore, the bag helps you keep all accessories in one place without losing them when you want to use them next time. When you’re at home, you should consider a safe, or even putting a lock on your door!

Do not leave the camera under direct sunlight. Protect it with a towel or shade of some kind, so that rays from the sun does not hit directly on the camera or lens body. Direct sunlight on the camera can make it hot and damage the complex electronic circuit inside the camera. Make sure that the towel or any cover you put on top of the camera is not a dark colour since dark colours absorb heat and can make the camera hotter.

In case your camera is exposed to heat, do not use it immediately until it has cooled significantly. Using the camera when it is hot may damage the camera. In fact, try not to move the camera at all when it’s hot. Leave it to cool before handling to prevent any damage.

Apple Music Not Worried About Losing Customers After Trial

Electronic giants Apple have claimed that they’re not worried about the predicted drop in customers after their 3 month trial ends in the next few weeks.

“We don’t wake up in the morning and look at the numbers and get stressed about it. We think that, over time, if the product is great, then people will choose our product over other people’s.

It is a coincidence, but it’s a nice coincidence because there’ll be lots of really interesting content, and there’ll be lots of buzz on social media. Our focus is on making Apple Music as great as it gets and the bump from the festival will really help.” (Oliver Schusser, VP of iTunes)