Understanding various types of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters also know as roller door or even sectional overhead doors are form of door or window shutters that are made up of many horizontal slats that are usually hinged together. But some designers replace the slats with web systems or bars. To operate this form of doors, you only need to raise them when opening and to lower them when closing. The entire operation may also be motorised particularly if the doors are large.

What are their benefits?

Both roller shutter windows and doors are a great way of protecting your property – either business property or your home – from wind and rain. By installing shutters in front of your windows you will be able to protect them from vandalism and burglary attempts. Shutters are a great option for people looking for doors for their garages, kitchens and warehouses.

They are also ideal in prisons, vans and schools. In some countries around the world, the local governments have subsidized the roller shutters as a part of their security benefit schemes. People in areas that experience poor inclement weather from time to time may need shutters more than those living in other places. Shutters are effective in protecting windows and doors against damages and offer another great way of heat preservation.

The following are some of the most common shutters:

The insulated shutters

This is a great alternative for individuals looking for a way to conserve energy and protect their home against the unfavourable weather. And in addition, the shutters will protect your home against extreme noise and provide a higher security level. A large percentage of the industries that use insulated shutters include garages, spray paint booths, warehouses, factories, storage facilities and car ports.

Security shutters

Security shutters are applicable in both commercial and domestic properties and manufacturers mostly offer them in steel or aluminium varieties. The shutters are more effective in deterring burglaries and in preventing property vandalism and damages. They provide wall to wall protection and you can fit them electronically to make the process of rolling them up and down more economical. Sectional overhead doors increases the length of time a thief takes to gain access to your building and for this reason they are more ideal for distribution centres, storage facilities, warehouses, garages and many others.

The fire rated shutters

This shutters combine heat protection and fire integrity for places where temperature rise rating is important. They can protect both the outside and the inside of openings from combustible and flammable materials. Since fire rated shutters are heat and flame resistant, they are ideal for industry and retail properties particularly in the areas used as an escape means.

Commercial shutters

These shutters are purposely made for the commercial and industrial properties. Manufacturers use galvanised steel to make them and therefore they are weather proof and rust proof. Recognising these shutters is easier since they are well suited to shop fronts and warehouses. However, you can also use them at your general purpose property.

The industrial shutters

Industrial shutters come in many different sizes and shapes with higher gross finish which maintain a secure and professional appearance. They are suitable for large industrial buildings and shopping malls because they are more flexible and have a higher quality design which you can also tailor to fit your requirements. Industrial overhead doors are mostly installed with locking bolts and extra security systems for enhanced protection and security. You can choose to mount them internally or externally as a way of preventing unauthorised entry or vandalism.