The Key Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

For a long time, video surveillance was something mainly used by large companies and governments; a technology you only saw in movies. However, things have changed and security cameras are everywhere. But why have they become so popular? Can having surveillance cameras in your home really help? To get your answers, read this short article: It will outline reasons why security Videos have become popular in businesses and homes.

Apprehend a suspect when a crime occur

A major merit of having video security system is the ability to apprehend a suspect (in action) that it offers. Digital security videos are connected to Smartphone via the internet to steam real-time, high resolution footage to owners. For example, last year a supermarket owner appeared in BBC news reporting how having video cameras helped him prevent a 30,000 pound theft. Footages of the suspect in action were transmitted to his phone, and he immediately alerted the police.

Acts As a Deterrent to Crime

Video surveillance system serves as a deterrent to crime. Merely seeing a signage warning of a camera or the actual cameras can be unnerving to a potential criminal. This is where the popular saying, “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” finds perfect application. When drawing your security plan, your main goal is to prevent crime and that is exactly what surveillance cameras help you achieve.

Enhanced productivity of employees

Another key benefit of having security videos is the improved productivity they promote. When most people hear of loss prevention, their mind normally clicks to ways of preventing theft. But what about employees how rob their employers by wasting time? Being in office but not doing what they were paid to do? The moment you install a surveillance system, much of this will cease giving a positive effect on your business’s bottom line.

Surveillance cameras are also useful to parents who leave their children home with babysitters. It allows them to capture real time details of what is happening when they are away. Further, by knowing that the homeowners is watching, babysitters will by default act responsibly in executing their duties.

They Provide Admissible Evidence

High resolution video recording allows you to capture and document everything that happens in your property. Although the main objective of your security system is to deter crime, security videos allow you to capture even more details. For example, they can enable you to capture foul play among your employees or incidences of harassment. With video surveillance systems, you have all the evidence you need to win in legal cases.

Solid support for insurance claims

Recorded footages of vandalism or theft from security cameras is enough to validate your insurance claims. In addition, even if you never use footages in court or to support insurance claims, installing security cameras helps lowers your business risk. This translates to lower premium on your insurance policy.

In conclusion, for these reasons, you can expect to witness a continuing rise in the number of business and home owners using security videos in 2014. If you have any question concerning video surveillance systems, feel free to leave us a comment. We will be happy to help.