Commercial Security Gates: All you need to know

Commercial Security Gates are some of the most sought after security products in the UK, offering all-inclusive, tailored solutions aimed at protecting information, assets, property, people, reputation, and brand.

The gates are intended to suit any need, size and budget for large or small businesses, government and corporation clients. Some of the companies that design the gates combine a distinctive blend of skills, knowledge, culture design and technical equipment to attain the best possible outcomes and ensure that users have a peace of mind and confidence that their most treasured assets are well protected.

The gates can be fitted to the reveal or face of a window or door aperture. Where a safe, clear walkthrough is needed, some of the gates can, as an optional, be made to fold to create a path.

Where are can the gates be used?

For retail properties

The additional security, protection and strength of the gates provide superb protection of high valued merchandise in the store and window displays. They merge all the features of the gates with additional structural strength and mostly the 4 point locking mechanism, which keeps off any burglars.

For business properties

Companies located in vulnerable premises or locations and contain valued goods are mostly targeted by criminals. Either to pre-empt an impending attack or on an insurance company reference, insurance approved commercial security gates is a perfect choice. Offering enhanced protection with very little obstruction to natural light and visibility even when they are in a closed position, staff and premises are secure with little detraction to the general appearance of the business environment.

Why choose these security gates?

Built with expertise

Security gates play a significant role in any access control system. However, most project designers often assume them, not completely realising all of their nuances. Because some companies entirely focus on gates and related products, they thoroughly assess their clients’ needs and match them with products, which not only provide durability, ease of use and exceptional value but also deliver the accurately rated impact resistance for clients’ needs.


Some company’s gates are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that they stand the test of time and deliver dependable performances for years to come. In fact, these companies’ gates systems are subjected to over 100,000 cycles of continuous duty testing in all-weather settings. Consequently, they deliver when the safety of their client’s key assets and team members are on the line.


Security technology is an important piece of the security continuum. As a result, top security gate manufacturing companies have professional technical teams installing, maintaining and keeping track of the most advanced security gates that deliver reliable intruder protection.

Security and Strength

These security gates are built from galvanized steel with a tested fixing system, and offer you guaranteed security with their 4 point locking system from a single key.

When you need extra strength and security, commercial security gates are the insurance approved choice. Sleek yet deceptively unobtrusive, strong, easy to use and basically maintenance free, gates used together with video surveillance offer clients approved and certified protection from intruder protection.