Can you Use Security Shutters on Residential Properties

Security shutters have long been a popular addition for retail properties’ exteriors, but for residences, most people are reluctant to install them. Security shutters aren’t exactly the most appealing product to install on the exterior of a property, but like with a retail store, there are moments when they can be appropriate.

Like any retail store, the biggest security weakness of a home is the large, ground level windows, at least if everything else is secured to a reasonable degree. Most of the time, most people would want their large windows, such as their bay windows or glass doors, to provide natural light and be accessible; while a security shutter can interfere with this, if you only close your shutters at night time, their impact very low.

If your ability to open and close your shutters whenever you want isn’t persuasive enough, you can also take your time looking for models which match your tastes; you’ll still get a great security product that will secure your home and protect your windows from damage, but it will be in a style that matches the rest of your home’s exterior.