Simple Security For Your Home

We all want our homes to be as secure as possible. But unfortunately we can not all afford high tech alarm systems and security cameras. So what are some more simple security techniques we can use in and around our homes?

One simple way to keep your home secure is to make sure all your doors and windows are locked before you leave or go to bed. This is a free way to help your house to be secure.

Another cheaper way to help keep your house feeling more secure is investing in a smart doorbell. These doorbells offer voice and video recording when motion is sensored at your door. This helps you to know what is happening at your home when you are not there. These doorbells are also much cheaper than purchasing security cameras or alarm systems.

Using either of these two methods will help your home to feel much more secure.

Wired Alarms – Advantages and Disadvantages

In this article, we are going to look into the advantages and disadvantages of wired alarms. Hopefully, this can help you to decide whether this is the right kind of alarm for you.

Wired alarms have many advantages, some of these include:
– As they are wired they will have constant power, you will not need to worry about the battery running out of charge.
-They can be more reliable due to being wired to each sensor around your home.
– They have a low maintenance cost as the batteries will not constantly need replacing.

Disadvantages of wired alarms include:
– They can cause damage to your home when being installed. If new wires are installed it can damage your walls.
– If there is a power cut your alarm can trigger. It will have to use its spare battery which can run out of power.
-They are generally more expensive due to the number of products you have to buy.

New Home- Change Your Locks

You have just moved into your new home. It is a good idea for one of the first things you do is to change your locks!

Changing your locks is important when you first move house for many reasons.
One of the main reasons is you don’t know who has a key for the current locks. Anyone could own a key and have easy access to your new home. Changing the locks will prevent easy access burglary.
Also, not changing your locks can invalidate your insurance. You do not know how many keys are in circulation. If you have not taken the time to change your locks and someone breaks in with no forced entry you may not be covered.

It is highly advised that you change your locks to your new home as soon as possible. You have paid good money for your new home, don’t let burglars have the easy way in.

How motion sensor lights can help protect your home

There are many ways to help protect your home, from CCTV, alarms, fencing and gates, to a door locking systems. But why do motion sensor lights also help provide security to your home.

Motion sensor lighting works by sponsoring any movement, if they do sensor movement they simply light up. Burglars like to work in the dark and the last thing they want is a spotlight shining down on them. So a motion sensor light is a great way to deter intruders and providing light directly onto your home.

The sensor light is simply fitted onto an external wall to your home by an electrition. Providing a type of security to your home. Motion sensor lighting is best used in conjunction with other security measures to provide the best protection for your home.

So overall, motion sensor lighting is a great investment to help protect your home and also provide some lighting externally too.

What do security guards do?

It’s an odd question right, but for real, what do they actually do? We often see security guards in shops standing by the entrance, acting as a rather costly deterrent, but they have a whole lot more to bring, so there could be more than meets the eye. Unlike law enforcement officers who respond to crimes before they happen, or while they’re happening, security guards are trained to prevent them. That means they deter criminals from doing what they intend to do, as we just spoke about. And when they stumble across criminal activities, they can’t get involved physically, so there is a good degree of training involved. Believe us. They report individuals to law enforcement agencies. With that in mind, here are the specific responsibilities of security guards:

1. They should be able to be seen, physically

When guarding a particular area, security guards need to make themselves visible to everyone around. Visibility helps to prevent crime. For example, when a criminal intends to commit a crime and sees a security guard standing or walking around, they will reconsider doing it.

2. Security guards should be vigilant all the time

Security guards are trained to be alert and vigilant at all times. They have no time to get comfortable as a crime can happen anytime. They should always have a sharp eye out for unusual behaviour or event that might lead to a crime. Besides having a sharp eye, they should also have a good sense of smell. They should be able to smell a licking gas and report it immediately before things get out of control. Also, they should be able to differentiate between normal sounds and weird sounds. For example, they should know if someone is trying to secretly open a door or when footsteps sound off.

3. They should act quickly to neutralize any threat

Besides reading and detecting potential criminal activities, security guards should also be able to act fast to neutralize them. They are trained to respond based on the kind of threat. If it’s an armed robbery, they should call the authorities immediately. If it’s a case of disturbance, they can handle it themselves. If they can’t, they should call the authorities.

4. Reporting

After neutralizing the threat, they should monitor the spot where the crime was supposed to take place, including the surrounding areas, to mitigate any other problem. They should then make a report regarding the incident and forward it to the security manager. In case a crime occurred, a report about the same will help prevent it from happening again. Let’s say you’re looking for a security company Leicester, you’ll need to ensure you choose an individual who is experienced in reporting and mitigating situations.

5. Other responsibilities

Depending on the institution they work for, security guards can perform other functions, such as receiving guests and visitors, giving them directions, responding to emails, messages and phone calls or running errands.

While security guards are mainly responsible for preventing criminal activities, they should also be hospitable, especially when undertaking other responsibilities like receiving and welcoming visitors and guests, giving them directions and receiving phone calls.